The Story Behind Reid's Gourmet: Peanut Butter, Honey & a Single Mom's Dream

Hi there! I'm Missi, a health coach and a single mom from beautiful Holland, Michigan. Like many of you, peanut butter and honey were a staple in my childhood. But as I got older and raised my son, I became more focused on healthy, nutritious foods.

That's what led me on a journey that combined my love for classic flavors with my passion for health. Inspired by my Grandpa, his middle name was Reid, who always had a jar of peanut butter (probably alongside some Wonder bread!), I decided to create Reid's Gourmet.

Grandpa's Legacy Meets Modern Wellness

Reid’s Gourmet honors mine and my Grandpa’s love for these simple foods while offering them with a healthy twist.

  • Raw Honey: Our honey is a delightful blend of local Michigan fruit blossoms, clover, and wildflowers, offering a taste of the season in every jar.
  • All-Natural Peanut Butter: Handmade in small batches every week, our peanut butter is made with just one ingredient: roasted, salted peanuts. No processed sugars or oils, just pure peanut butter goodness!

A Passion for Creation & Delicious Adventures

As an artist at heart, I love getting creative in the kitchen. For me, peanut butter and honey aren't just breakfast staples – they're versatile ingredients that can be incorporated into endless recipes!

Join me on this adventure! Grab a jar (or two) of Reid's Gourmet peanut butter and honey, and start creating your own delicious and healthy dishes.

P.S. Welcome to the Reid's Gourmet family! I'm so excited to share my love for these classic flavors with you in a whole new way.