My name is Missi. I live in beautiful Holland Michigan. I'm a single mother, a certified health coach, and of course a peanut butter & honey lover.

    They were a part of my life every day as a child. As I got older and started a family I became concerned about the foods I was feeding my son. When he was in grade school I decided to get certified as a health coach.

     In my quest to share nutritious and delicious foods, starting with the two products from where this journey began, Reid's Gourmet was born.

     The name Reid is my Grandpa's middle name. He had a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread (probably Wonder bread) on the table at every meal. Honey was another staple in our house. To this day a piece of toast with peanut butter and/or honey is my go-to comfort food.

     My raw honey is a mixture of blueberry, red/white clover, wildflowers, star thistle, wild berries, and whatever else the bees find in their neighborhood.

     My natural peanut butter is hand-made weekly, by me, in small batches with blanched, roasted, salted peanuts. No processed sugars or oils. So it might take a few extra days to receive your order. But it will be so worth it!

     I should also tell you I am an artist at heart. In school drawing and designing were my thing. I love to create! So when it comes to combing food I work outside the box. For me, peanut butter and honey can go in any recipe or on any food. And knowing what is in my food makes me proud to share it.

    So go on, be adventurous. Grab a jar or two of peanut butter and a container of honey and start creating!


P.S. I'm so excited you are here!